You should keep in mind that you should let your air conditioning unit be serviced by a professional in this field at least once every one year because it is better to prevent bad things from happening rather than solving bigger problems. But, we always got your back that is why we are about to share to you these hacks to keep your AC running and cool every single day which will not cost a lot of money.


Before you come in battle with the hotter days, make sure that you inspect your AC if it is running correctly so that you can prepare yourselves for the battle or the problems that it may have.

There are a lot of AC companies that are willing to do the servicing task at a very low price like air conditioning spring hill or others. They are surely efficient in their services and they will not let you down.

In order for you AC not to be worn out really quick, use your ceiling fan or stand fan to cool the home you have. If the fan is blowing in a counter-clockwise position then it will really help you in avoiding a very hot surrounding.

Make sure that you close all the doors in which the cool air can escape and the hot air to enter your home. This will make the whole place cooler if you ensure that there is no space for both of airs to come out or come in.

Even if you have windows and doors that are closed or locked, it is not an assurance that there is no space for the air to come out or go inside because the seals can greatly affect this and cause your AC not to have an effect to your home. So make sure that you evaluate the status of your seals so that there will be no more going inside and coming out of the air.

The condenser in your AC should be cleaned regularly because this will cause the whole unit to work properly on its fullest potentials. A dirty condenser will cause your AC unit to work harder and if this happens for a long period of time, your AC will break down.

Check the window where the air comes out from your unit because it might have some unwanted things like dust or other debris that can block the passage of the air which in turn causes the whole unit not to cool a room or an office.

A professional can really help you in term of servicing your AC unit because they are the people who know all of the things that should be kept clean and the parts that should not be touched while cleaning it. They are the experts in this field and there are no better people to do this task but the professionals themselves. Once you do this, you can save a lot of money because you will be avoiding other problems that an AC which has not been given care can develop over time.